The Black Wealth Academy

 Dr. Boyce Watkins PhD

Dr. Boyce Watkins PhD

 The Black Wealth Academy is an online financial literacy and business development platform created by respected Finance PhD Dr Boyce Watkins.  The BWA is a natural extension to The Black Wealth Bootcamp, which teaches the fundamentals of black wealth building and entrepreneurship to those who are interested in the advancement of the black community.

“Think of it like a really good business school, without the high cost of student loans.”

Our goal is to make you economically empowered, financially literate and business savvy, all for a very low cost.

Please See the Two Types of Memberships BELOW

The Standard Membership Includes

  • Dr Boyce Watkins classes:  Weekly online classes taught by Dr Boyce Watkins covering various topics in black wealth building, financial literacy and business creation/development.  You’d have access to Dr Watkins in real time once a week
  • Previous lecture access:  If you miss class in any particular week, you will be given access to a recorded copy of the class delivered the previous week
  • Private Facebook Group:  As a membr of the Black Wealth Academy, you will receive membership in a private Facebook group for Black Wealth Academy Students
  • One FREE digital product per month:  As a member of The Black Wealth Academy, you will receive access to one free digital textbook or audio lecture every month from the Black Financial Literacy store
  • Dr Boyce Mini-Lectures: As a member of the Black Wealth Academy, you will recieve access to countless mini-lectures provided by Dr Boyce Watkins
  • Priority Access to platforms:  Black Wealth Academy members will receive priority access to our crowdfunding platform, resume bank and online market place (as you build your business, we want to help you find customers)


The Premium Membership Includes

  • Access to all archived content:  As a premium subscriber, you will have access to any and all prior class sessions from The Black Wealth Bootcamp and The Black Wealth Academy.  Our entire library of content will be at your disposal.
  • All digital products are FREE:  Premium members will receive FREE access to any and all digital content available in the Black Financial Literacy store (if you see a digital book, audio product or video you like, we provide you a special code so you can download it for free)
  • Autographed book by Dr Watkins:  All premium members, upon signing up, will receive an autographed copy of Dr Boyce Watkins’ book, “Black American Money:  How black power can thrive in a capitalist society.”
  • Major VIP discounts: All premium members will receive VIP discounts on all Dr Boyce Watkins special events and products.  When these events take place, you will be given first opportunity and access to any and everything that we provide.